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I’m a 23 year old from South Africa using WWOOFing and Workaway to explore the world and sharing my experiences through this blog.

2016 was the year of Latin America. And 2017 is… the year of Latin America again?

Why did I start in South America?

  • South America was an unknown to me. I’d never been there and knew very little about the cultures and people who made up the continent.
  •  I wanted to learn Spanish.
  • I thought it would be cheap (… nope).
  • I wanted to change. I was stuck in my tiny (albeit very comfortable) life in South Africa, choosing to trap myself under unnecessary baggage: life was happening to me and I no longer held the reins.

What better place to kickstart back into consciousness than the beautiful and infuriating continent that is South America?

Back to me…

I studied economics in South Africa, but the plan has always been to go travel through WWOOFing. This means of travel (working on organic farms in exchange for food and accommodation) appealed to me ever since my days of living on a game reserve, spending hours knee deep in my lettuce patch or researching the animals I wanted on my farm when I grew up. (Please note: these animals were all miniatures because I’m realistic like that).

Since then I have discovered Workaway, another excellent travel platform with a broader variety of volunteer opportunities.

Please, by no mean take this inclination towards WWOOFing (and Workaways) to indicate I am an ‘outdoorsy’ or ‘practical’ person. Need me to pitch a tent? No clue. Want me to start a fire or bake some bread? I have no idea. Milk a cow? Ride a horse? Prune fruit trees?

…you get the point. I’m not the ideal candidate.

But you know what? I can learn. And after a year of travel I am still amazed by how much I’ve managed to adapt and enjoy myself in even the most unlikely places.

I’ve discovered that I’m a lazy tourist – I prefer living in a place and getting a feel for it to traipsing through a dozen museums or historical sites. The moment when you arrive in a new place and it just feels ‘right’ is magical. WWOOFing and Workaway have been huge eye-openers for me and I’m learning the importance of expecting less and appreciating more.

So that’s me! The journey has just begun and I’m excited to share with you what happens next.